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At the heart of Gravitate is a team of designers, developers and marketing experts. These are the essential cogs that make a digital agency tick. We won’t hand off your project to a sub-contracted team. Sure, there are plenty of specialists we work closely with outside of our building too. But our core is strong, and that’s what makes us different.

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There's a difference between learning about websites and the idiosyncrasies of Facebook and living digital every day. We are in the latter camp and you’ll see it in the work we do. Whether it is UI/UX design, running successful social campaigns, or diving deep into the most complex of code, we get it. Because we live it and we breathe it every day.

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Featured Work - 505 Construction

505 Construction needed a website as high-quality as their work

505 Construction were doing top-end residential work and needed a website to reflect that. The stunning imagery of their portfolio of work served as inspiration for a vibrant, dynamic site. Its easy to follow structure makes navigating the site a breeze.The design made use of full screen background images and the latest responsive design techniques. It became a tool for the client to present their work on site to prospective clients, using a tablet.

The 505 site has received great feedback from the industry and potential customers.

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Something good is going on around here

There’s a lot of sadness in the news every day, and a lot of stories of humanity behaving badly. But I refuse to believe we are on the collective skids… Continue reading ›


4 years of rapid evolution

​In the last few years web publishing has come a long way and the way we build websites today is quite different to how we built websites 4 years ago.… Continue reading ›

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