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At the heart of Gravitate is a team of designers, developers and marketing experts. These are the essential cogs that make a digital agency tick. We won’t hand off your project to a sub-contracted team. Sure, there are plenty of specialists we work closely with outside of our building too. But our core is strong, and that’s what makes us different.

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There's a difference between learning about websites and the idiosyncrasies of Facebook and living digital every day. We are in the latter camp and you’ll see it in the work we do. Whether it is UI/UX design, running successful social campaigns, or diving deep into the most complex of code, we get it. Because we live it and we breathe it every day.

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Featured Work - RJ Holdings

Showcasing big, beautiful buildings

When it comes to leasing commercial property, it was very important for RJ Holdings to be able to showcase not just the properties but the large range of properties available. As the largest private CBD office building owner in the country the new site is able to display the properties in an effective and visually powerful manner. The site is both elegant and professional and really fits the company’s strength in their industry.

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Insights from the source

​It’s very easy to get caught up in analysing a customer or consumer’s behaviour. However the assumptions and inferences we garner from data or expert opinions can really only take us so far. Sometimes, the best and most insightful resource in the source itself.… Continue reading ›


How do you make a campaign go viral?

Remember to keep your eyes on the Road!… Continue reading ›

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