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At the heart of Gravitate is a team of designers, developers and marketing experts. These are the essential cogs that make a digital agency tick. We won’t hand off your project to a sub-contracted team. Sure, there are plenty of specialists we work closely with outside of our building too. But our core is strong, and that’s what makes us different.

Living digital

There's a difference between learning about websites and the idiosyncrasies of Facebook and living digital every day. We are in the latter camp and you’ll see it in the work we do. Whether it is UI/UX design, running successful social campaigns, or diving deep into the most complex of code, we get it. Because we live it and we breathe it every day.

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Featured Work - Words for Breakfast

Read, believe, buy.

These guys are some of the best wordsmiths around (we know, because we work with them on a regular basis!). Even though they are all about language, we suggested we go with a very visual website to help communicate who they are. A little ironic maybe.

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